What I’ve Been Eyeing Since Anthropologie Joined HBC

As some of you may know, Anthropologie has always by far been my favourite retailer. Whether it comes to fashion, accessories or home decor they seem to continuously catch my eye. Fortunately we have a local Anthropologie but they only have a small selection of decor for sale. And rarely offers any of their furnishings.

Since The Bay recently added Anthro to their collection of retailers I’ve been swooning over the launch and potential of them carrying their furniture line.

As some of you may be aware Anthropologie only has an American based website and we are limited to what can be shipped into the country. And if you’ve tried to order items from their website in the past, the duties, taxes and shipment fees often times makes it unrealistic to bother placing an order from their website.

Here’s what I’ve had my eye on from The Bay since their launch. What’s been making me drool, and making me want to cash in all those HBC reward points I’ve been banking.

#1 Bonjour Canister

#2 Spoon Rest

#3 Pinch Canister

#4 Bouquet Oil Diffuser

#5 Bath Mat

#6 Terai Rosewood Folding Chair

#7 Stoneware Pie Dish

#8 Kantha Velvet Throw Pillow

#9 Stoneware Coaster

So there it is, a sneak peak into what their collaboration has to offer. The bistro stoneware collection definitely stands out to me, and I plan to cash in some HBC reward points to incorporate a few pieces into my kitchen decor.

I’ll be sharing a blog post soon about some DIY shelves I’m currently working on building for our master bath and creating this list has been inspiring me to get some pieces to make our bathroom a little prettier. It’s one of the rooms in our home I’ve neglected since only my husband and I see it. If you’d like to see how those shelves turn out and what I end up purchasing be sure to give The Petite Press a follow, enter to be apart of my email list, and follow me on Instagram.

I’d love to hear if there is something that catches your eye for your own space!

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