This Weeks Best of: Home Decor Finds

This week has been so exciting for us at home. A couple years ago we bought furniture for our first home. But since selling and buying our second home we have since had to upscale alot of our furniture to fill up our new space. After upgrading our dining table, our seating has doubled. And we have been on the hunt to find a few more of our existing dining chairs to fill the table.

We loved our chairs and really felt passionate to find a few more to complete the space rather than starting over, especially since we probably only used them for under a year.

The store we originally bought them from had since discontinued carrying them and we couldn’t recall the name of the brand or style of the chairs. 16 months later we FINALLY found them. Here’s what they look like.

Along my search I’ve come across a lot of beautiful home decor finds, so I figured I would start this new series of ‘This Weeks Best Of” to show case whatever lists I’ve curated as of lately.

So? Let me know what catches your eye friends!

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