The Petite Press 2019 Holiday Gift Guide: For The Couple

1. Fromage Platter My husband is french and I speak fluently so I am always trying to find modern and non-cheesy home decor french calligraphy pieces to embrace the language and culture. I think it’d be a great gift to give to family with a homemade charcuterie on it as a gift during the holidays! This is stunning and I’m still swooning over their whole bistro line.
2. Blank Cookbook When I found this I thought to my self how genius it is! As someone who often get’s asked for the recipe I cooked I never really know what to do and I always just make it up on the fly every time. This would be a cool gift for the person in your life who wants to start saving their recipes and curating their own homemade collection.
3. Marble Knife Block For the fancy people in your life, this would be a timeless gift. I personally don’t care to have traditional knife blocks on the counter as they take too much space. But this is ideal as the knives store upright!
4. Essential Oil Diffuser I bought this diffuser in the wood version about a year ago and have been really happy with it. It DOES NOT require water to dilute your essential oils and that has been a game changer for me! Highly recommend.
5. 2020 Agenda For the type A in your life I think a planner for the new year would be a great gift. To jot down all your plans and resolutions!
6. King Size Weighted Blanket I’ve had my eye on a weighted blanket for ages now, it’s known to help with insomnia and anxiety. As someone with insomnia and other issues promoting my lack of sleep I think this would be great! Unlike most weighted blankets this one is the span of the entire bed spread so perfect for the couple your shopping for in your life!
7. Coasters A classy and funky set of coasters perfect for entertaining.
8. Electric Pepper Mill Hand cramps suck, especially when your in the middle of cooking a meal and need fresh cracked pepper. This is a great gift for the cooks in your life!
9. Picture Light I think this is such a lovely idea to highlight that piece of art the couple in your life love.
10. Luxury Chess Board This set is timeless and would look great as a decorative piece, but also remind the couple in your life to have some fun!
11. Art Print Gift Card Art is definitely something I think shouldn’t be bought for someone. Art speaks to each person differently to the other. So a gift card to the couple you are shopping for would be great so they can pick out a piece that speaks to them!
12. Air Bnb Gift Card This is a great idea to help with a future vacation, or to encourage a spontaneous getaway!
13. Playing Card Holder Set As someone with tiny hands this definitely speaks to me!
14. Yeti Coffee Mug 2 of these for the couple who loves their coffee but can’t seem to drink it quick enough before it gets cold is a great idea!
15. HBC Stripes Blanket A classic Canadian gift!
16. Herb Garden For the gardners in your life who can’t wait for spring!
17. Decorative Vase Set A classic and timeless set for the decor junkies!

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