Sahajan Skin Care Review

A year ago my skin was struggling. It was continuously breaking out, constantly felt dry and I lost that glow I once had. I wasn’t sure what did it. I thought most probably it was a mix of stress and that the products I had been using just weren’t right for me. And after alot of big changes in my life I thought to myself “why not complicate things more and change my entire skin care routine?”. So that’s what I did.

I entered my local natural beauty store and got a sample of the Sahajan line. After sampling it in person I thought that it gave a beautiful luminosity which seemed to be different comparing to the products I was using previously. I took home full set of samples and after a week when I had finished I found myself drawn to purchasing the line and trying it out long term since it didn’t seem to bother my sensitive skin.

During that initial week my husband had said something along the lines of “your makeup looks really nice today, did you do something different“.
As little of a gesture as it was, it had major impact and to this day I will never forget it. I was infact not wearing any makeup and only had on my skin care routine.

As of today I’ve noticed dramatic improvements of my dermatitis, inflamation, the slight darkness I have in certain areas of my face have faded, my acne went away, and my makeup doesnt settle into the fine lines I seemed to begin to have.

Now with the extreme seasonal changes we have in Manitoba and a bout of stress here and there I still have minor flare ups. But for the most part those days pass quick and my skin still thrives with using the line. I do use other products throughout the year to accomodate those changes, but the line is still my staple.

Here is a in depth breakdown of what the line is all about and how I feel about each individual product.

Sahajan Essential Oil Cleanser

Cost: $48.00 CDN
Scent: Fragrance free
Texture & Finish: Oil and changes to a thin milky texture when mixed with water
Skin Type: All

The cleanser works incredibly well to soothe the skin while removing makeup. I use it double as a makeup remover and cleanser since it works that well removing everything.

They focus on showcasing three ingredients. Moringa oil which is a purifiying oil rich in antioxidants, coconut oil that deeply hydrates, and rose oil that is delicate and calming to the skin.

If you prefer something that has a thicker substance and lather then this isn’t for you. It was something to get used to but I’ve grown to love using oils since using this cleanser.

One to two pumps generally is all I need to cleanse efficiently. And while it was consistently the first product in the line to run out on me. It still will last me nearly 4 months.

Sahajan Radiance Face Serum

Cost: $70.00 CDN
Scent: Frangrance free
Texture & Finish: Milky and dries to a matte with a light luminous finish
Skin Type: All

This serum has alot of incredible ingredients packed into a little bottle that really surprised me. Some of the major ones are Triaphala an antioxidant that claims to have 20x the amount of Vitamin C, Hyluraunic Acid which has a ton of skin care benefits but ultimately is known to be a magnet for moisture and Gotu Kola that essentially is known to stimulate your bodies function to produce collagen.

To be honest, I only cleanse in the evening. I rinse with warm water every morning and begin my skin care with the serum. I pat dry any part of my face that is dripping wet and try to leave it a bit damp. Since this serum has Hyluraunic Acid I do that so the serum can absord as much of that moisture which will then absord into my skin. The other benefit to that is I then do not have to use so much of the serum since the moisture left on my face will help spread it evenly. I use about one to two drops then I drag it down my neck and rub whatever remains into the top of my hands.

The serum has a beautiful golden luminosity, its fair but it does make a difference in the way your skin glows and catches light. And one bottle typically lasts me close to five months.

Sahajan Radiance Eye Cream

Cost: $48.00 CDN
Scent: Fragrance free
Texture & Finish: Slightly whipped thin texture
Skin Type: All

The quality of the ingredients that are in the eyecream are consistent. Some of the prominent ones are Triaphala which I previously discussed, neem oil which has healing properties and claim to reduce dark circles, and honey to help soothe dry undereyes.

The eyecream is so light it absorbs into the skin quick but leaves a thin layer of moisture. That helps me tremendously as I am one to get dry around the outer corners of my eyes. You really only need a tiny dab to spread evenly accross both underyes and orbital bones. And it generally lasts me 6 months.

Sahajan Nourish Face Cream

Cost: $60.00 CDN
Scent: Frangrance free
Texture & Finish: Thick and creamy, and leaves a light moisturized, tacky finish.
Skin Types: All

This moisturiser is a game changer for sensitive skin. And if you pair it under makeup it really seems to help with the longevity. I find that it does absorb fairly quick but will leave a light tacky finish on the surface. That really seems to help my makeup cling on without needing the use of a primer.

Their top ingredients are Triaphala, Coconut oil and Gotu Kola. As I previously described.

After using the previous steps I apply a small pea sized amount all over the skin, spreading it gently down the neck, ears and whatever remains over the top of my hands. This moisturizer along with the eyecream last the longest around six months.

The only cons I have for the line is the initially price point may be unrealistic for some to access. While on the pricier side of skin care it does work out to be cost effective since in my case it does continue to last me a significant amount of time. With the longest standing products being the eye cream and the moisturizer at around the six month mark. The other con would be that the products do contain coconut oil which has been known to cause issues for some people.

For more information on what the brand stands for and in depth ingredients visit

If your looking to purchase the line itself or want to check out the line in person and get a sample like I did check out my local natural beauty store.

And if i’m not heading into the big city for awhile I can find it at and sometimes get a little discount on it too.

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    Aleeya Azimulla
    July 3, 2019 at 11:04 am

    This seems like a great brand! Do you know if it’s available in the United States?

    • Reply
      The Petite Press
      July 3, 2019 at 11:17 am

      Yes! I’m not sure where you could find it in person but has US option available for shipping. And if you spend over 50$ it would then be free 🙂

      • Aleeya Azimulla
        July 3, 2019 at 11:23 am

        That’s awesome! Thanks for the information. 🙂

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