Pure Anada Repair Luxury Treatment Review

Years ago when I began to explore clean skin care products I came accross Pure Anada. They have a lovely range of natural beauty products and is a company that started locally. I’m proud to support local businesses whenever I can and am excited to share my thoughts on their Repair Luxury Treatment. It is a anti-aging oil that I personally use as a overnight treatment. I purchased my first one a couple years ago and have loved it ever since.

Now when I refer to years ago and discuss purchasing a product that is in fact marketed towards mature skin it may seem a little redundant. But I think more younger people should invest in their skin prior to seeing signs of aging. I truly do believe in preventative care. But at the same time I am also ready to embrace my skin as I age. I’m expecting the fine lines, grey hairs and wrinkles those are some of the many signs of aging and they are beautiful. They show proof of memories, accomplishments, laughter and the hurdles that helped you, become you.

I also just absolultely love skin care products and enjoy those quiet moments of my day. I still want satisfaction in the appearance of my skin and I want to grow in it and feel confident and look great at my age, whatever that year is. And there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. That all being said, that comes with many lifestyle comitments, but if taking a few moments of my day to focus on my facial routine will help over time, I’m happy doing so.

Something I appreciated about the line was that as a young woman trying to purchase better quality skin care I could do so since their line is so much more affordable than alot of other cleaner or natural brands.

This oil is by far my favourite and longest running product from Pure Anada. And since first trying it I’ve bought many to replace it. It feels incredibly luxe on the skin, the scent is light and doesn’t linger, and the packaging while beautfiul it’s simple and convenient. And the best part, the price.

Heres a more in depth breakdown of the treatment and how I use it.

Cost: $25.00 CDN
Scent: Light floral
Texture & Finish: Oil, and leaves a layer of moisture on the skin
Skin Type: Dry, mature or dehydrated skin

While the product is often marketed towards mature skin I think it would be great on many skin types, I am typically dry and senstive but can range to combination. I find it is a great pick me up when my dermatitis is acting up but also very luxe when my skin is healthy.

The base oil is Jojoba and Argan which are amazing oils to provide moisture to the skin. There is also Rose which provides a nice fragrance while being gentle and calming to the skin, Neroli that helps with aleviating the appreance of dark spots and scarring and has anti-aging properties and Ylang Ylang that has a multitude of benefits but in this case mostly helping in the healing of acne spots being that it is antimicrobial and helps your body to regulate it’s production of sebum.

I typically put 3-5 drops onto my fingers and gently spread and tap it upwards onto the skin. I prefer a thicker application as I like to wear it to bed. In the morning my skin always feels plump and moisturised. I love that about this product as I’ve used others in the past that have left certain areas of my skin dry come morning. And since I do not wash my face once I wake, that is also ideal since after rinsing with warm water I still feel that I have a healthy amount of moisture left on the skin.

It’s never broken me out, and in fact I find it helps heal my acne spots following those days where I lose logic and lean over my bathroom sink and start picking away.

Overall, I absolutely love this oil and highly reccomend it. There really aren’t any cons to it. While it works wonderfully on me, it may not on you. We all have different skin types, abilities to handle certain ingredients and reject others. But at the fair price of $25.00 CDN dollars or the ability to buy a sample online there’s really little consequence to trying it out.

For more information on the brand and what they stand for visit them here at

If you’d like to purchase the treatment you could visit Pure Anada themselves. Or i’ve sourced some options to purchase it from some of your favorite stores in person and online at Portia Ella, Etsy,

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