Our Home On Halloween

Welcome friends! This year I decorated minimally for Halloween. I don’t care for decorating all that much for for this season but after last years reaction from the neighborhood kids I just had to again this year.

I’ve had so much fun decorating this season and plan to slowly incorporate more themed decor into our space over the years.

I always focus the bulk of the decor at the entrance. I don’t have enough decorations to fill up the entire main level, but in reality I don’t care to decorate much more than that. I’m not much of a seasonal decorator to be honest and as long as the kids get to get a glimpse when stopping by I am happy!

I found these mice in some of my craft storage that my mom must have given me in the past. I love how minimal they are. We still haven’t come up with a name for our Halloween house pet. I’ve always loved this little guy.

For Autumn I had these pumpkins at the base of the stairs but with the addition of the mice I had to find a new spot for them. I like how they look behind the chair since I focus all of my Halloween decorations near the entrance so that the trick or treaters get to see all the magic.

These bats can be found at Michael’s craft store along with the mice. They are from the Martha Stewart line. Here is a similar option.

When it begins to get dark outside I keep the lights off in the back of the house but get this area really bright. The toddlers that came trick or treating last year were so spooked to see them hanging in the window.

The bats are a new addition this year and I tried to have them appear as if they were flying out of the fireplace and out through the window. Since we have one that’s installed quite high and is run by gas it really doesn’t get the same effect. But I still thought it looked adorable!

Here’s our version of Halloween this year. Thanks for stopping by!

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