Office Progress Update + A New Light Fixture

The office project is in full spin! The past few days have been filled with painting and I’m excited to be getting steps closer to the final reveal. Here is what the office has been looking like as of late.

If you have been following along on Instagram you’d already have a Idea on what this space currently looks like. Follow along over there to catch some tips along way or if you’d like to see more of the design and renovation process!

There’s really not much to see other then Benjamin Moore’s Titanium on the walls. It’s beautiful, earthy, warm and cozy. I love that it is one of those colours that changes throughout the day, it looked similar to a khaki this morning, this afternoon a bit mushroom and now as I glance across the room while the evening sun starts to fade out it’s looking like a muted green.

Honey Brown Wicker Tania Office Chair

Next on the list is first to paint the cabinetry. I plan to start on that this week. Following that I’ll need to commit to buying an area rug. I’ve been shopping for the last couple of months and haven’t narrowed it down all that much to be honest. I’ve fallen in love with dozens. I’ll also need to buy a new office chair, which I have my eye on the perfect one from World Market on sale but in that case would have to at the very least ship to the American border. I originally had planned to re-upholster and use my current one but I quickly realized after assembling my cabinets that I’ll need a chair that I can raise up quite abit.

Harbin 6-Light Chandelier

I’ve decided on using a light fixture I’ve had sitting around since this past winter. I’ll link it here if your interested. I scored it from a wayfair re-sell type of business that unfortunately has since shut down. And not to toot my own horn here but I managed to get it for about 5% of it’s original value. I knew I would manage to find the perfect spot for it sometime.

Since the light fixture is so formal, the counter top being a marble look and the floating desk beside a bright white metal I found that the look of the chair being wicker will help ground the space and help warm up and in return make the space appear more casual. The rug should also help with that too.

Well here it is, it really isn’t much but I think it’s important to show the reality of it all. And I love sharing the thought process behind it all. In only a few more weeks I’ll be sharing the final result.

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