Office Makeover Update

This comming week I plan to start on the office officially. I’ve got quite the list of work to do and I’m still in the process of ordering my counter top. It’s all I have left really for major purchases and I’m expecting it to arrive within the next 3 weeks. So I’m allowing myself that amount of time to slowly paint and build my furniture.

The featured picture is actually just a larger pan of the first one I posted a a couple weeks ago. I found a close up of it through Pinterest and the colour palette is what inspired me. Photo courtesy of Julia Miller Interiors.

Something that is important is to be patient and shop around for your materials. I’ve already saved well over $200 on our countertop by not ordering with the first person I called.

Here’s what the office currently looks like.

The room I had been standing in to take this picture does not have any natural light unfortunately. So we bought a new door for the office a few months ago and have been storing it in our basement since. I am so excited to install it! It has a large glass insert so it’ll help pool in light from the office.

The wall to the left is a closet, at some point I’ll be tackling it and I’ll take you along for that. It’s currently my sewing closet and I plan to keep it that way. I love that I can close the door and seperate work from play when necessary. I am planning to place some artwork on that wall, so even with the door closed you can catch a glimpse of it when your walking by.

Currently for furniture, the desk, chair and filing cabinet will be staying. This is the desk and filing cabinet I previously mentioned and showed in my mood board. I’ll be attempting to re-upholster the current chair I’m using on my own, and I will write a post all about it.

I hadn’t included a light fixture in my mood board because I couldn’t decide on which style I wanted to go with. I’m leaning toward a brass fixture but may find something made from natural materials if I feel the space needs to be casualized.

It feels so good to start on this project officially. If you missed my first post about it, check it out to get an idea on what I am planning on doing with the space.

Stick around to see how it all comes together over the next few weeks!

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