Monday Musings: Website Update, Furniture Finds, Paint, Music and More

I’ve been swooning over this print lately. Juniper Print Shop has incredible art prints. Art is subjective, and can be interpreted differently for everyone. So maybe I feel stronger about it then others do, but it really is beautiful.

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Kind of helps that I have that rug, and have been eyeing those chairs and sideboard for months. I’ll link them here and here if your interested. And if your into that throw blanket I believe I saw it recently at Ikea here.

The Petite Press has gotten an update! I decided a couple weeks ago that I wanted to update my web design since I’ve gotten a little more comfortable with all the code lingo and customizing and I’m so happy I did, let me know how you like it.

I’ve been working on planning to paint all our common areas in our home. I’ve been heavily inspired by I Spy Diy and her barn house renovations. I’ve had in mind to paint our walls since they were a bit beat up when we moved it and we haven’t really addressed it since then. In our last home we had the doors and all the trim painted a warm taupe and I loved how warm and cozy it made the space. This time around I wanted something a bit softer overall but have been wanting to the paint the doors something richer for contrast. It felt so good to come across some pictures of Jenni’s home because it is exactly what I’ve had in mind.

It’s essentially what we had in our last home when we had it painted in 2017. With the exception of the door colour Jenni picked is about the same colour we had for our trim also throughout our house.

Jenni Yolo | I SPY DIY (@ispydiy) • Instagram photos and videos
Jenni Yolo | I SPY DIY (@ispydiy) • Instagram photos and videos
Source for above photos

I would consider using some of the paint colours we used a couple years ago since essentially it’s the same thing. But I honestly only remember the name of the colour that gave us the most trouble. Of course. Beware of Sherwin Williams Marshmallow. Any shadowy spots of our home looked like it had a pink hue, and it was pretty evident in south facing rooms.

I’ve been singing along to everything Sabrina Claudio lately and taking a break from the constant Leon Bridges blaring from my speakers. Her music is beautiful, sexy, sultry and timeless. The songs I’ve had on repeat lately are On My Shoulders, Frozen, Tell Me, Unravel Me, Belong To You, Come Here, Messages To Her, Cycle, Confidently lost, Stand Still… clearly I could go on.

DaniLeigh’s Easy- the unplugged version of her song is so beautiful. It’s another favourite as of late.

I’ve taken a break on the office, and now that my office chair is finally going to be delivered tomorrow I think It’s about time I tackle it again. I’m planning to pick up a sample of one more paint colour for the cabinetry. And am thinking it’ll be the perfect fit for the space. For some reason I can’t settle on a colour. If you follow me on Instagram I’ll be posting some updates on there after testing all my swatches. Every time I’ve picked a colour and swatched it, it’s given me a different feeling toward the space than I’m wanting. I want the room to fit with the rest of our home but want it to be a little more feminine and creative since it’s really only used by me.

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