Monday Musings: My New IG Series, Finding the perfect White Paint, Design Inspiration, The Long Lost Tulips & More

Before we get into anything, can we take a minute to appreciate this cover photo? I’m seriously swooning over every inch of it. It tells a story and a romantic one if that! I can imagine endless love stories while admiring this image. With all the backyard talk and no action (friends I’ll get to that in another post) I’ve been collecting so many great images and sources!

I started my new IG series showcasing my latest favorite Amazon finds and it seemed to be a big hit to all of you who follow me over there. If you aren’t familiar with what I’m talking about you can watch the first volume of the series here. Every once in awhile I’ll be sharing anything from home buys to fashion finds and showing you how I like to use or style those finds. Be sure to follow me over on IG to watch those live.

In the past month I’ve swatched 6 paint colors for our home. I know, six. We have a lot of bright areas of our home but also very dark corners so it was important to find a versatile white that would look great given all circumstances. Which realistically you should be considering whenever picking a paint especially if it is going to be a dominate paint choice in your home. Some homes just take more consideration than others. This probably should be a post within itself shouldn’t it?

With the endless projects at home I find I get a little bit of decision burn out time to time when my symptoms flare up. Something I’ve realized that helps to pull me out of that is scrolling through IG or Pinterest to essentially find others decisions and how they’ve worked for them- essentially. Lately I’ve been pulling so much inspiration from Pinterest but it’s making me crave experimenting with other platforms. I’ve been thinking about how I used to love clipping up magazines when I was younger and making little collages of all the things that would make me smile. And the more I think about it the more I want to do the same but mix some of the modern conveniences of Pinterest in the mix. So I’ve been looking at purchasing this to be able to add into my physical gallery boards.


Ha. Friends these tulips were purchased months ago off Amazon and actually the order got cancelled on their end and I got a refund awhile ago for them because they got lost during transit at some point. I was SO disappointed but wow, having them finally get delivered and at no charge I was pleasantly surprised. And friends they are absolutely beautiful, they seriously look SO real!

Sneak peak of a DIY I’ll be sharing soon. Comment down below and take your guesses!

A song on repeat.

And another with an incredibly sweet music video (read the description).

A store I am forever online window shopping.

I feel like having black hair- and a retro inspired wardrobe is part of my identity- I know that sounds strange since I’ve spent the last two years growing out my color to see how much hair dye has affected my hair texture (it’s naturally kinky and curly) but oh my I really do miss it. I’ve been listening to this song and stalking her Instagram profile lately and it’s making me crave dying it again. For about a decade I kept up dying it black. It really suited me and I maintained it to the point where majority of people assumed it was natural (bonus). I’m not sure what it was really, it just felt like me? A extra sense of confidence, sexapeal and style for this awkward pichenotte.

With that being said here’s an image of the last time I had my hair dyed black- and by far my favorite hairstyle I’ve had over the years. Straight or done up with rollers, modern or retro it always looked really good.

Not the best photo, but here’s a great show case of how deep and rich I would have it.
This is from my bridal shower 🙂

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