Monday Musings: H&M Home finds, Office Updates, and More

With January closely coming to an end it’s seeming as if 2020 is going to fly right by. During the end of 2019 I was finishing up painting our main level and now we are already looking into working on our next project.

Months back we ordered some doors to close off some areas of our home. Now we are looking into installing them and I couldn’t be more excited. Our pantry and unfinished basement both have openings just waiting to have some doors installed. I am excited to not be taunted by my dis-organized pantry any longer.

Sometime this year I plan to overhaul our dry goods and add some more storage bins to better organize the space. Would you be interested in an organization series?

  • I didn’t purchase much during boxing week but I did buy a couple odd things from H&M home. I had my eye on this wall basket, soap dish, candle and vase for months and finally made the buy during their sale. I am so pleased with the quality and honestly was quite surprised by it. I’ve been using the soap dish for my potato brush and I love it!

    You can catch a glimpse of the candle in action over on my IG, or styled in the featured image. Credit: h&m Home
  • Over on IG I shared the updates I’ve made to my office. I finally curated a collection of picture frames to create a gallery wall. To start off I’ll solely have these seven hung up, but overtime and whenever I purchase an iMac I plan to carry the gallery down and add some frames to wrap around the desktop to make it all blend together. Here’s where I’m at so far.
  • Loving this print from Juniper Print Shop. I may try to DIY it first myself.
  • Slippers for the stay at home fashionista
  • A clip from Trial and Order that will never get old

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