Monday Musings: Getting Into Our New Social Distancing Routine, A Recent Purchase & More

Well we are now going into maybe our seventh week of social distancing? Maybe longer at this point, honestly it’s hard to say. I hadn’t realized entirely what we were getting ourselves into when we committed to staying home some weeks ago. Even though I’ve been working from home for a couple years already, having Mr. TPP working from home as well has totally messed up with my routine. I had some structure in my day and now all my activities are seeming to bleed into one another.

When we decided to commit ourselves to staying home (before the restrictions were made) we also talked about how much more time we would be staying home. With all the extra time home we decided it was time to put a couple projects aside and focus on making our home more cozy for the coming months. Word of the year will definitely be Hygge.

We have since sold some pieces of furniture that aren’t needed anymore and have purchased some pieces to replace them and suit the space better. Problem is that with everything going on shipping dates have been delayed as far back as two months for us now.

Until that delivery arrives, I don’t have much new to share in our home but I have been making an effort to make our home a happy home during these weird months. I’m really making an effort to bring value with the things we purchase, especially in efforts to make our home feel like a safe haven during the pandemic.

  • Like these lovely tulips in 28 piece and white. Yes they are artificial but after researching high and low about artificial flowers I landed on these one’s recommended from a fellow IG friend. I don’t mind artificial plants and flowers, they really just depend on the person and MUST look and feel real.
  • I also bought these. Another artificial find, they supposedly look and feel like real branches. I think they will be the perfect addition during spring and fall without worrying if I’m tracking bugs onto our dining room table.
  • When LaurieAnne and my favorite blogger Sarah of Room For Tuesday did a live stream on IG all about DIY art and styling I had to purchase one of these beautiful acrylic frames after hearing the both of them raving about them. I’ll be sharing a photo over on my IG soon once I get that frame in the mail of my rendition of their tutorials.
  • I’ve heard a lot of great things about this tripod. After photographing for some time and using the Amazon brand tripod I’ve got to say it really is not great quality. My camera refuses to stay in it’s proper place and I still have to hold it level every time I expose an image. I’m hoping to upgrade to this one sometime soon to make my life a little easier.
  • I’ve had my eye on these sexy numbers for an upcoming project. I don’t care to share which one that is just yet, but keep an eye out as I should have an announcement in the coming months regarding it. You can’t beat that price!

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