Monday Musings: Fall Baking, Persistent POTS Flare Ups, Quarantine Shopping & More

Well friends it’s back to school season and even though the school year has begun it isn’t feeling like the yearly fresh start it seems to always feel like. Every September, regardless of the fact we don’t have children of our own heading to school I still get the incentive as if it’s my own kick start to get going on a certain project I’ve been longing to do. I think like everything else this 2020 all rules and routines are off the cuff and nothing goes as followed. From the bottom of my heart I wish all parents, grandparents and most importantly students AND teachers the best of wishes this year. If this pandemic hasn’t proven the value of all the teachers I don’t know what will. You are amazing!

I have been taking the opportunity to purge out my closet and refresh my wardrobe with more practical pieces for my social distancing wardrobe. All things interiors are my passion so I typically find I don’t prioritize my wardrobe financially in any way since I’d rather spend that money towards some pretty seasonal textiles or a piece of furniture to fill some of these white walls. That’s got to be relatable to some of you friends!

After purging out 50% of my wardrobe I made a small investment in some of my favorite staples and am trying out some new pieces after hearing some recommendations. I got rid of maybe 6 paper grocery bags filled with clothing! That’s a lot for me as I don’t shop a lot and do a mini purge every spring! Some is getting passed on to the ones closest to me, some donated and some of my treasured pieces I just know I won’t getting around to wearing much anymore are getting stored in a keepsake for a future fashionista of our own- or wife, or even grandchild! I have always dreamt of passing down my vintage wardrobe one day, how magical would that be?

Any who, here’s a few things I’ve ordered so far and am yet to receive! In the coming weeks I’ll share over on IG and my LikeToKnow.it profile what I decide to keep!


This pullover has the sweetest puff pleated sleeves. I am always longing for comfortable sweatshirts since I work from home. With these pretty sleeve details and colors I just had to get all four color options! I’ll share on IG how I like them when they arrive!

I bought these three pieces above from American Eagle. My first purchase through them since 2013! My sister loves some of their pieces and I constantly hear of their loungewear being great through Jaci on IG.

  • I bought these leggings and these yoga pants. This brand through Amazon is absolutely amazing and my FAVORITE legging/yoga wear brand yet. Their lux line is so buttery smooth, they are always so delightful to wear and have held up well over the years.

I hope to add a few more pieces into the mix, but am in no rush. Would you like to continue to see some fashion content? It certainly won’t be often but I would love to share the things I just can’t stop wearing!

How perfect are these? We were so impressed with how delicious and abundant they were!
I decided to have fun while snacking and try to do a styled still life shoot of these. Not my forte by any means but I had fun!
  • Apple picking came just moments before a going on 4 week flare up with my chronic illness, the longest that has persisted for me. After collecting about 500 edible apples on our tree and disbursing them to local friends and family we were left with around 200 to bake. I proceeded to make apple pie and some crisps with whatever couldn’t fit in my pie crusts and have finally found the trick to getting my pie baking done more efficiently- store bought crust. Honestly I LOVE a thick homemade crust but especially during this flare up I just haven’t had the strength or energy to do it. While the shells were a little thin for my liking I did find that a couple shells was perfect for a pie- one as your base and one to pinch over the top to cover it up. It cut my time by hours! And I’m converted.
  • I also made my first lemon meringue for Mr. TPP’s birthday using the same crust and was shocked by how easy it was. Meringue always worried me but it was surprisingly SO easy and SO good. Here’s the recipe I followed.
Those stiff peaks were so satisfying!
Proud moment here!

So friends, let me know what you think about these fashion finds and if you’d like to see more of them! And if you try out this super easy lemon meringue pie. It’s addictive!

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