Monday Musings: Celebrating Our Anniversary and My New Favorite Restaurant

This past weekend Mr. The Petite Press and I celebrated our 1 year wedding anniversary. We celebrated our anniversary by spending the night at the hotel we hosted our wedding and reception at and had a bite at a lovely restaurant.

These are some of the IG stories I uploaded while we were there. It is such a magical place all decorated for Christmas and it was really neat to be back there with it looking the exact same as the year before.

We actually share the date with our dating anniversary and it got us wondering. Do you start over and begin counting from marriage? Or do we include our dating years? We’ve decided to count including our dating years, what do you do?

Later into the night we went to Harth. It’s an Italian restaurant and the food was delicious. We both also loved the way the restaurant was designed and decorated for Christmas. It was on trend and very mid century modern and we loved that!

We sat at this table and I’m still swooning.

I’ve been trying to hunt for a new favorite restaurant and I am thinking that Harth is going to be it! We had the Famiglia which is a 5 course meal shared family style all chef’s picks and it was divine.

I asked for the name of the designer while we were being served and I’ll include them here. They are incredible! I was in awe of our surroundings all night and have since been so inspired by their work.

Our master bedroom currently shares many of the same elements. Our wall paint is a very deep navy that pulls black, we have some vintage mid century pieces and some natural wood elements on our walls. With the restaurant in mind I’d love to incorporate a gallery wall filled with some of our personal photographs with large mats and some vintage art prints I’ve collected.

All image credits: Fireside Design

We had such a lovely time and I loved having a relaxing day enjoying each other’s company. I think this was a great start to a new tradition 🖤

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