Monday Musings: A Sick Household, Pinterest, Inspiring Interiors, Homemade Naan, The Ordinary and More

This week has been a little rough for the Lafrenieres’. My hubby caught a cold and I can feel it coming toward me. He has been pushing through it and of course once comes the signs of it passing there comes my sniffling and itching throat. It’s been a week full of good ol’ homemade chicken noodle soup, Kleenex and bless you’s.

My Pinterest engagement has dropped significantly (cut in half) so I’ve realized how much I’ve neglected my feed. Since that realisation I’ve come to find so much inspiration in other Bloggers. When talking about my content to my hubby he suggested a random post. And to name it Monday Musings, so he gets to take some of the credit for these. And for myself I thought It’d be fun to start the tradition on my own. Fill my following in on anything I’d love to share that isn’t substantial enough to create a blog post.

Source: Craftberry Bush

We currently have this rug in our living room and that dark accent wall mixed with the foliage is seriously giving me a seasonal crush.

a-joyfuljourney:  “Miko Bowen  ”
Sourced from @mikobowen

One of my favourite dishes is butter chicken with naan. The first time I made it I referred to a recipe to get a idea of what ingredients were needed to get that rich authentic flavour. I struggle to follow a recipe, hate using measuring spoons/ cups and always seem to influence my own preferences into someone elses written recipe so since I’ve totally created my own recipe. On the other hand I always follow recipes for naan bread as it’s something far from what I am familiar with. I followed Tiegan Gerard’s naan recipe this weekend and was not disapointed. I usually follow a vegan recipe to accomodate my sister’s vegan diet as I typically cook Indian or Asian cusine when I spend time with her and I think both versions are excellent. And honestly, I think I prefer the vegan option.

Homemade Naan (with step-by-step photos) |
Source: Half Baked Harvest

Awhile ago when shopping on one of my most frequently visit websites Well, I noticed they started carrying the Ordinary. I usually check out their site to stock up on our self care essentials. When I noticed they carried their skin care line I was excited to try out a product. Keep an eye out for a review on their rose water.

I’ve been in search of new house numbers for our home. We often find visitors hesitating before approaching due to our house number being so hard to see.

These two styles from hearth & hand by magnolia sold at Target are great picks. Low in cost but high in style. I love how modern but classic they are and how they are. And with a short drive to enter the US I think they are strong contenders.

Shop the entire collection here.

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