Monday Musings: A New Rug, Paint Dilemmas, Jean Shopping, The Secret To The Best Chicken Noodle Soup and More

I bought a rug for the office and I couldn’t be happier about it. The colors are so unexpected and I love that for the room. And to make it better, it’s on for $110 on Amazon. What a steal!

The office has been driving me mad. I’ve been contemplating what I am going to do for the last few days. Chantilly Lace, White Dove, and Simply White all by Benjamin Moore seem to be strong contenders. But I have a few colours in mind from Behr when I get around the painting the rest of the house. I feel like I may put the office paint on hold until I decide if those colours will be the ones I go with.

Home Library Makeover — DIY Bookshelves
A Beautiful Mess
Home Library Makeover — DIY Bookshelves

The cabinetry? I’m still undecided but have been loving Oil Cloth by Benjamin Moore. It’s a strong contender.

As of late I’ve felt the office needs some curtains to cozy up the space. Since the office is more of a creative space in the home I’ve been thinking of doing something a little more bold. With that, I’m on the hunt for some rich velvet curtains. Hoping I can come accross some with a heaping discount.

West Elm

Those mustard ones peaking in the corner are lovely, aren’t they?

I’ve had my eye on what’s coming out for the fall this season and starting to think about what I’m lacking in my wardrobe. Old Navy continues to taunt me with their rockstar jean line and I’m wanting to try them out the next time they have a sale on them. I only own one pair of skinny jeans and find that I’m wanting to wear them everyday lately. With boot season coming up I know I’ll be needing another pair. Let me know if you own some, and how you like them!

These past couple weeks my hubby and I have both been sick and living off some good ol’ homemade chicken noodle soup. Over the years I’ve found out what the trick is to really step it up. I always start by sauteing a ton of onions in my dutch oven and when they start to get limp I add some apple cider vinegar and let them caramelize in them. It is a game changer, trust me.

  • This skirt is the perfect piece to celebrate fall.
  • I’m always looking for the perfect wrap cardigan and think I finally found it here.
  • Saw these sweet stacking chairs on Kijiji recently. Aren’t they adorable?

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