Master Bedroom Makeover Plans

October of 2018 we moved into our- what we call our forever home. With the mentality that this will most likely be a home we stay in for many, many years we weren’t in a rush to decorate it top to bottom and wanted to address some bigger projects first. And by bigger projects I mean to say, all those not fun things you have to do when owning a home and investing in areas that make little difference visually.

With social distancing and hubby and I spending a lot more time in our home we decided that it was the right time to invest more into our spaces and near complete a few of them. Our bedroom being one of those spaces.

When we sold our first home we had invested in some furniture to suit that space and we hadn’t known how fast we actually would have moved out of that home. And moving into a home with triple the square footage, that left a lot of rooms bare and neglected.

A lot of people think furniture can move home to home, which it of course can. But often times it doesn’t work out. When buying furniture your planning to suit your current space, and rarely can plan for future potential layouts because you just don’t know where you’ll end up. Our old furniture worked for our old home and definitely didn’t transition well into our current home, mostly due to the dramatic increase in space we got in the process.

How gorgeous is this bedroom? I’ve always loved this room by Ashley Goldman of The Gold Hive. It’ll definitely serve some inspiration when planning our room design.


So here is our before, making the most of what we could with the space. Honestly, it’s changed even since this image was taken. We have since sold these nightstands and have moved the layout of the entire room around. But I figured I’d share with you where we initially started.

This image actually came from my Endy Bed Frame Review. We hadn’t done much at all to the space, I intended to hang those frames up and get some decorating done but nothing felt right and I realized it was because the orientation of the entire bedroom layout needed to be addressed.

Be sure to check in next week where I’ll be sharing our inspirations, budget friendly plans, mood board and some “looks for less” that I’m scoring in the process.

Stay healthy friends.

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