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So, it’s been awhile hasn’t it? Well with everything that has been going on, learning to be equally respectful and leave more space for voices to be heard and absorbing so much information, self reflecting and still coping with the day to day changes with the pandemic needless to say there really isn’t a need for an explanation.

After three months we finally received our Ikea order- you heard me 3 MONTHS. That’s a whole lot of waiting. But I’m excited! We bought a couple nightstands, a dresser and a few other things from them that you’ll just have to wait and see!

But what I’m excited most about is our new bed frame. Below I’ll show you what our concept was looking like, and why that changed.

So here was my original board, I loved the mix of modern and traditional. The bedframe looks so regal, but laid back. But that’s what we decided to change. And ultimately it did hurt to part with this frame, it gave me that vintage charm and I was struggling to let that go.

So here’s the bedframe we went with. It’s a beautiful solid pine frame with oat linen upholstery, and SO far from what I was shopping for.

See the source image

Both these frames were available through Wayfair. And believe it or not after the sales that were going on this one ended up being cheaper than the other.

This one felt a little more modern, but also a little traditional which didn’t bother me at all. It’s definitely pulls a different vibe from the other but I’m OK with that! It’s similar to my dream frame from One Kings Lane, and besides the great price that’s what drew me to this one.

When I came across this one I just knew, given it’s upholstered and made from solid wood it was too good to pass up. The other frame was actually made from metal, which didn’t bother Mr. The Petite Press or I, but before seeing either of these I always thought about having something with upholstery. I love the idea of being able to sit up and lean back onto the frame comfortably.

If your noticing how that Ikea furniture is looking different your not wrong. I plan to add and swap hardware to make it look alot more luxe than it actually is.

So here’s the plan. Adding a vintage look rug, some blue toile throws and a vintage inspired print will help ground this space and give it that modern/ vintage/ cottage-y vibe I’m looking for. And the best part- Mr. The Petite Press likes the plan too ;).

Here we are friends, soon I’ll share all the resources from where to purchase these pieces all the way down to the Ikea hacks I’ll be working on. Next related post will be an update on where were at plus where I’m pulling inspiration from.

Cheers until next time!

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