Main Bedroom Update

We have made so much progress since the last bedroom update I shared. Recently we painted out the room in a matte sheen of Alabaster by SW and matched the trim and door casings in the same colour but semi-gloss. We love the tone on tone and how soft the overall finish is in the room. We purposely left out our doors to be painted in the future as we are going to be placing all the hardware throughout the home. Something I haven’t shared with you is we actually still have a half dozen doors to be installed throughout our home. Our doors aren’t a common style and are solid core and oversized, so when we found out they were being discontinued we scooped up as many as we needed in prep for installation down the line. We are so happy we did that!

Until then, here is where the bedroom is at now. We are still waiting for our area rug, as with the pandemic there’s been a hold up in shipment. But once that is here we will assemble our bed.

Mr. TPP started styling his night stand with a football coaster and cigar case. LOL! Love it!

If you read my concept for the space you would know that we went with a canopy bed. It’s incredibly heavy so that’s why we are waiting for the rug prior to bringing the room together.

So what’s left?

  • Install knobs on nightstands
  • Purchase a new light fixture- hopefully a ceiling fan!
  • Build dresser and swap knobs
  • Find a chaise and floor lamp for the far right corner
  • Wait for curtain rings to arrive before installing “custom” Ikea curtains
  • Style! With some new pieces to lay over our current bedding, art and other odds and ends.

You probably noticed there wasn’t a chaise in my concept but rather an English Arm roll chair. I actually always visioned a chaise in this space but when working on the concept I couldn’t find one I was happy enough with.

When I came accross this Amber Interiors photo (cover photo source) I instantly knew it was exactly what I was looking for! Really a chaise of any style would suffice but I have just fallen smitten over this classic style. I intend to have a Kantha draped over our bedding and when I saw what looks to be one in her design it felt meant to be!

The price point is way out of this phase of our budget. At around 5k that would more than double our current plan. Something I may have not openly discussed is what we are planning to spend on this space. And truth is- there really isn’t a set number.

We want to finish this space while essentially keeping our costs as low as we possibly can. We used what we received from selling our old furniture as an indicator as where we would like to stay around quite honestly. We kept the budget tight for this phase 1 design by sourcing pieces from Ikea during their sales when Covid-19 started breaking headlines and our city shut down. Between that and our insanely great priced canopy bed frame we were able to keep this bedroom incredibly budget friendly!

So here are some chaises I’m looking at for the room, the first one being a near identical dupe to the Amber Interiors one. I LOVE this navy velvet! But I hope to keep hunting to find something even steeper in price.

Stonington Tufted Slope Arm Chaise Lounge

This one comes in an abundance of fabric options. I love this soft linen and how cozy and oversized this piece is. The box pleats are too adorable to handle! When deciding on what direction we want to go we will have to take in consideration cost, and what kind of vibe it will set for the room. Both chairs offer two totally different feelings.

Lily Chaise Lounge

Were taking this project at a walking space, so bare with me friends. You should expect un update once that pesky rug decides to show up. Cheers!

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