How To Paint IKEA Furniture

If you have been following along with my office makeover, welcome back! Next on my to do list is painting a couple of Ikea cabinets for my built ins.

Lately IKEA has seemed like a go to for me. But, the thing I don’t necessarily care for is that their pieces are often loved and seen many times. And I particularly gravitate toward decor that often is moody, has colors with depth and warmth and lots of personality. And with IKEA being known for their signature bright white, birch and Scandinavian designs it often doesn’t fit what I am looking for.

Here I’ll show you how to paint IKEA furniture with minimal products and ease, to get a totally different look.

You’ll need

If your planning to paint your furniture and haven’t built it yet it’s best to paint first as it’ll just save you some time and allow you to get messy without worrying. If not that’s totally fine. Remove your hardware and tape any areas your wanting to avoid.

I started by sanding down each cabinet just enough to remove the finish off the surface. Starting with the medium and ending with the fine grit. Once that is done wipe down all the surfaces to ensure there isn’t any dust leftover.

I then applied two thin coats of primer and letting each coat fully set in between. It is important to always read the instructions on the label, this one in particular needs a four hour set period between each coat.

Wait at least a full day before starting to paint. A couple days later I applied three coats of paint. letting each coat fully dry in between.

Assemble your furniture, or just add your hardware back on and voila! It’s pretty simple and straight forward, as long as you have the right tools you shouldn’t have a problem.


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