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Being in the midst of social distancing, and knowing the reality of life going back to normal isn’t much of a reality anytime soon I think it’s time I start sharing a little more about our home, where we are at and what some of our goals are this year.

Our first home was a cute little 1914 home in a older neighborhood. We essentially were on a corner lot and didn’t have a fence and had absolutely no shade. Winnipeg summers are only around for really 4 months, and get scorching. So we mostly only had our interior space to utilize. It was a charming some 956 square feet, without A/C. Was a one and a half bath, two bedroom home. For the stage we were in, and the area we were wanting to be in- it was expected and great to have a place to call home.

When we moved out of that home we rented it out for awhile then sold it. During that point we moved out of the city to get closer to Mr. TPP’s office and since I already was working from home it was an easy transition. The only major impact really was the increase in home size. When we moved out of the city into our current town it felt natural. We started home shopping with the intention that most likely- it’d be our forever home. Forever home meaning we would raise our children in this home, potentially retire in this home. So we were ready for long term commitment and we were ready to invest.

Now to cut my already long story short- we bought the forever home. It was mostly new as the previously owners had built 3 years prior to us buying it from them. And they built it to be their forever home, so it came with a couple odd quirks but mostly was a blank slate for us. The previous owners were minimalists which makes it so easy for us to visualize what we want to do with most spaces of the home since the finishes are mostly simple and lack-lustre and scaled as minimal as they can be.

We went from a 956 sq ft home in the city to a home with around triple the square footage in a rural neighborhood. Yes, dramatic! We actually weren’t initially shopping for so much more home. When we started shopping we actually were looking for land to build on, then for existing houses but maybe for something 1800 sq ft at the most. This house we came across just made sense in every aspect for us. It’s close to Mr. TPP’s work, it ended up being well below our budget and we fell in love with the layout, neighborhood and upgrades that came with it.

Our first year we had to invest where it was necessary. We spent our extra cash replacing a couple old basement windows. You may be thinking… wait? Old windows? Well, they essentially tore down and built their dream home over their existing foundation and just extended what they had to by creating crawl space. It’s a bit of a unique situation, but I’ll save that story for another day if your interested. Between the two previous owners one of them is an engineer. When designing the home they didn’t do much with the interior, which shows their minimalism but they largely invested in all those bells and whistles you can’t see behind the walls, which explains it given he was an engineer and designed the home himself.

So as I was saying, we replaced a couple old windows and during the process we decided to make them appropriately sized just in case we wanted to add some bedrooms down the line. We did a few other things like adding a R/O system, bought a new barbecue, had to buy all our appliances up front, bought an appropriately sized couch to fit in our newly larger living space, changed all the locks, added an alarm system, buy some doors to match the rest of the ones in the home and a few other odd things. For the most part it was a lot of costly things that had to be done up front that we really couldn’t avoid.

Now we are in year two of our home and with a lot of the back end stuff handled we can now think about spending more of our extra cash on areas of the home that were forced to be neglected. Like furniture and decor of course! With social distancing clearly not going anywhere, and knowing this will be our new normal for the unforeseeable future it makes sense to focus on these things next.

We had hopes to get some renovations done but those would take contractors and tradesmen and that all will have to wait. So maybe year 3 or 4 in our home we can get to think about those things. But like I said, we look at this home as our forever home. We aren’t rushed to get a lot of things done. And will mostly take a lot of our design approaches as a phase 1 mentality so our spaces can evolve and upgrade with as as the years go on.

So with all this being said, what are some of our long term goals in our home?

And by long term I mean what do we have planned to do during the time we live in this home, so no deadlines and a very long time! Well here’s a quick run through: finish our basement, renovate our mudroom and laundry room, re-do our master bath and closet and reconfigure the layout of those rooms, make (mostly cosmetic) changes to our kitchen design to suit our style, landscape our front yard and eventually do some MAJOR landscaping to our backyard and so much more.

What are our phase 1 plans to tackle in the next few years?

Well besides furnish our whole home we want to: install those doors we purchased, do cosmetic work in our powder room, repaint the entire house after fixing any imperfections in the dry wall, do some front yard landscaping, a extremely budget friendly landscaping to the backyard, create a little garden area, create a nursery for a babe one day, do some of the cosmetic work to our kitchen, finish the office (yes, that still isn’t done) and replace all our light fixtures- although that one will get handled as we focus on rooms individually over the years.

So there you have it, that’s why you have seen limited images of our home. There really isn’t much to see as we haven’t had a chance to furnish much, the previous homeowners were minimalists and while we do enjoy simplicity in design we don’t share those same design aesthetics. But, with all this being said. We’ve got alot of work to do and I’m excited to take you along for the journey.

Looking at our phase 1 goals you’ll be seeing a lot of the furnishing progress happening in the short while, the whole home will definitely not be completed this year but we do hope to get a lot done. We also plan to complete the office, but you’ll actually see two of them in the short while. With Mr. TPP working from home during the Pandemic we will need a second. We also will be working on repainting of the interior of our house, some easy and fun DIY projects and doing a mini makeover to our front and back porch.

Going forward, you’ll see blog posts relating to all this content but a future home tour and finished room reveals will be found on this page.

So let me know if you have any questions about our home and where were at in this process, if you’d like to see something specific from me or just to say hi! I love to get to know my new friends.


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