I’m Sabrina, a young woman living in a rural community in southern Manitoba. I ‘m a little person with lots of little interests that found blogging to be the perfect outlet for expressing them.

Around six months ago my husband and I wed and moved to a small town outside of the big city to be closer to work and shed a little stress off our lives. Transitioning from working in a office in the city to working remotely from home in a small town with little to no knowledge of who I share my community with has made me realize how much creative energy I’ve been craving to burn.

I’m hoping with starting The Petite Press, I start by gaining a small few things. Satisfaction by having an outlet that allows me to express my passions. Helping others by leading inspiration. And growing a little community of others that can relate to my content.

So with that being said, follow along and let’s be friends!

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