Endy Bed Frame Review

With the very recent release of the Endy bed frame we decided it was the perfect opportunity to upgrade from a queen to a king. We knew we wanted a frame without a headboard and a fuss-free transition. We previously had an Endy mattress so upgrading to a king size wasn’t anything unfamilar. With Endy checking off all our boxes we went ahead and placed an order.

Here’s a quick break down, followed by an in depth review.

Cost: $480 CDN for the king size frame (now $590)
Quality: Mid range, suitable for it’s price point
Appearance: Timeless, can be dressed up with modern or more traditional decor due to it’s simplicity
Assembly: Straight forward, minimal pieces and no need for power tools

Overall Pros: Timeless, easy to put together and fits a mid range budget
Overall Cons: First shipment came with a damaged piece, had to have a replacement sent out and it took ten days for a resolution to be made

When we first bought our queen size mattress from Endy we paired it with a wooden frame from Pier 1, but we found that there weren’t enough slats to support the mattress and it made the if feel quite soft. We liked the fact that with upgrading the mattress size this time around we could pair it with the frame and not have to worry about any of that.

It’s a platform style that sits about a foot from the ground, supported by black painted legs and surrounded by beautiful grey upholstery. It’s neutral and over the years will be flexible to future design changes in our room.

Some pros to the frame are the style, it is simplistic, timeless, neutral and modern all at the same time. And the fact that it was a breeze to assemble. The cost was reasonable at $480 CDN when we bought ours but I recently discovered the price has jumped since it’s initial release. It’s now $590 CDN which is still quite reasonable but had it been that price initially I’ve thought to myself, would I have still considered it?

When I was weighing out the pros and the cons I did worry about the fact that we had to get a box spring the first time around with our last frame so we played it safe with Endy and it paid off. Having a frame made for this specific mattress ensured it would support it and not alter its comfort. And the fact that it pieced together like puzzle pieces was totally worth it to us. Regardless of the new price point I do still think it’s a great buy.

If you look closely, the wood is raw and some of it looks to be plywood. The slats are a unique concept that definitely sets them apart from the standards that you’ve probably seen before. None of this will ever be visible, and may not appear to be the highest quality but by the feel of it, it’s quite strong and I don’t doubt that this piece will last the longevity of the mattress.

We noticed while assembling the frame that one piece was coming apart. That was quite disappointing given we were prepared to sleep in our new bed that very night. The piece in question is the one that supported the slats in which supported our mattress. Kinda important.

Well, we took a break from building and I went ahead and contacted Endy. June 13th I filed the complaint via their online chat, sent out the information requested and waited for a response. This fell on a Saturday which we then found out their quality control team only works on weekdays so that delayed the entire process of finding a solution in total by about a week and a half. After submitting some pictures and our batch code we waited for a response.

By June 18th I heard back that my claim was approved and a replacement part would be shipped out right away. By June 22nd we received notice that the piece had been shipped out. And by the evening the day after we had it waiting for us at our front door.

We appreciated the fact that we were able to connect with someone online right away and in between answers, the customer service representative had kept me posted on the status of my claim throughout those days. Once shipped, it arrived the day after.

Something that we totally understood was that we believed that our bed may have been the 23rd of it’s kind. Being that 20190023 was our batch code. So since we purchased during it’s initial release it’s not totally surprising that an issue in production could happen. And we also understood that due to the amount of time it took to receive a replacement their team must have been pretty busy with the new release.

Regardless we have gotten a feel for the frame and besides dealing with the piece in question we still feel the quality is there. Assembly was easy and without taking the break in between to deal with customer service, it only took us about 15 minutes start to finish. It was incredibly straight forward and there really wasn’t a need to follow instructions.

Overall it’s beautiful, it’s simple to put together and is a perfect match to the mattress. And while I think it was totally worth it at its initial $480 CDN price point, comparing it now at $590 CDN I still think it’s reasonable. At the end of the day, your probably not buying this frame without either already owning an Endy or purchasing a new one. And your most probably buying it for it’s convenience. And if your asking me, its a good looking piece of convenience.

Let me know if this review helped you in anyway, and if you have any questions feel free to leave a comment.

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    December 10, 2019 at 2:48 pm

    Now that you’ve had it for a while, does it squeak at all? How has it held up? Does ‘vigorous activity’ on top of it create noise? Considering buying this as it’s a really good price for the Cali King size and other frames I’ve been considering have reviews of squeaking, which isn’t something we can have happen in our house 🙂

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