Dysautonomia Edition Monday Musings: Medication Changes, Sexy Compression Stockings, Liquid IV, The Dysautonomia Project Book and More.

Today marks day the first day of being off of Metoprolol. I am so happy to get off of my beta blockers. I realized while weaning off of them how much they were impacting my clarity while I thought and spoke. I constantly felt delayed and the brain fog was constant. It continued to add to my exhaustion trying to fight for my words and remembering simple tasks. I think these symptoms lessening were due to the fact that the medication was exacerbating my chronic fatigue. And in return adding and worsening my cognitive related issues.

I’ve started a new medication. This time instead of lowering my blood pressure this one is designed to raise it. It’s meant to be targeted to raise blood pressure upon standing. So given I have orthostatic intolerance the idea is to help target that by getting a boost while I’m trying to be most productive through out my day. It’s called Mar-Midodrine and I take it three times a day.

The last week has been rough adapting to a new medication. It’s too soon really to say if it’s helping with orthostatic hypotension and in return alleviating some of my other daily battles, but I’m hopeful. I honestly don’t really understand totally where I stand with my blood pressure off of medications. But I’m hoping one day I’ll get clarity in these answers.

  • Recently we had a wedding to attend and I went on a whim to look for a sexy alternative to traditional compression stockings. I wanted to wear some small heels but knew I couldn’t get through the night wearing them alone regardless of the height.

    I was so happy when I found these on Amazon. I do wear thigh highs often when going out for an evening and never would have thought I could find some in compression material that would look so similar to the ones I typically wear. While they are low in compression and far from what my prescribed ones are, they get the job done well for what they are. I typically end up having to wear a garter when I wear traditional thigh highs. These have a silicone band along the top and surprisingly I found that they didn’t budge throughout the night. And the best part was that these were the cheapest ones of their kind I could find. I plan to also buy them in black. For someone who loves fashion, I highly recommend them!

  • After reading the Dysautonomia Project book it’s not only given me the reassurance I needed. But it’s taught me alot about my condition, other common chronic illnesses under the Dysautonomia umbrella, how to live a more sustainable life with POTS and things I should avoid.

    I highly reccomend the book whether you live with a form of Dysautonomia yourself or if your a relative or friend of someone who is. It offers so much valuable information and I love how all odd numbers of the pages are written for the patient and all even numbered pages are written for the medical proffessional. It’s an incredible book, and besides discussions with my specialists it essentially has been the sole source of written information I rely on since it has answered the vast majority of questions I had in mind.

  • The book actually reccomends Spanx as another form of compression wear. I plan to get these sexy leather leggings and maybe dip into some corsets and shape wear in the future to help with controlling my blood flow.

    Here’s some of what Spanx has to offer for the other leather legging styles I have my eye on.
  • Is a great resource also. It’s provided me with great information, updated studies, resources on how to get my physical activity in with POTS and actually guided me into buying The Dysautonomia Project and joining the incredible support groups I am apart of.
  • I ordered Liquid IV and Ultima to try and get some electrolytes in me and boost my hydration for when conventional salt and water just isn’t cutting it for me. I’ve only tried the Liquid IV and so far I do not recommend their lemon lime flavor. But with a sodium serving of 21% I can’t complain too much.
  • While searching online for ways I can get my excersice in I came accross these videos on yoga for pots. I’m excited to try them out.
  • Kardia has been coming in handy for my Cardiologist during my visits.

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