Dysautonomia Awareness Month

Hi friends, I’m back! I want to start off by apologizing for my lack of content as of lately. Truth is, it’s been an incredibly rough 5 weeks. My chronic illness took a turn for the worst over the last few weeks but I’m finally feeling and seeing some clarity in these last couple days. In support of Dysautonomia Awareness month I’ll be dedicating the vast majority of my content over the month of October to spreading awareness about chronic invisible illnesses with of course a spotlight on my own.

If you’ve been around since last fall, you probably would already know I live with an illness called POTS. POTS stands for Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome. As of recently I’ve learned that my subtype is Hyperadrenergic POTS so I won’t break down too much about POTS as a whole this year but I’ll be writing a little more specifically about Hyperadrenergic POTS and what living with it is like.

Last fall I shared a few blog posts about my life with chronic illness which you can read here if your curious. I wrote a segment called My Chronic Illness Story, which essentially was an introduction of a brief how I received my diagnosis and what my symptoms are. Aside from wanting to spread awareness, this post actually was an introduction to many of my friends and family who had no idea I was living with this condition. It was incredibly therapeutic for me since I felt like I was constantly trying to hide any struggle I had to avoid the attention brought on me and in return it lessened the blow when it later was brought up in conversation with relatives and friends since they already had a sense and understanding of what I was living with.

I later posted a number of blog posts relating to POTS which included How I Treat And Manage My Dysautonomia, Positivity With Chronic Illness, How It Affects The People Around You and The Best Ways You Can Help, and Dysautonomia Edition Monday Musings: Medication Changes, Sexy Compression Stockings, Liquid IV, The Dysautonomia Project Book and More.

This month you can most likely still expect some design content from me on the blog and on my IG and Facebook but since I’ll be dedicating the vast majority of my content to awareness you can expect a post talking more in depth about my new diagnosis and how I received it, some chronic illness fashion content, products I have grown to really enjoy relating to chronic illness and more!

I want to end this introductory post by saying thank you! Thank you for reading, taking interest in learning, and being patient with me as I navigate life not only with it’s unexpected hiccups that everyone grows to know too well but with the struggles of living with something that tends to slow and wear you down. I often say, I live alongside my chronic illness but I am NOT my chronic illness. Have a lovely rest of your day or evening friends.

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