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DIY Oversized Plaster Lamp

Oh friends, I finally get to share these beautiful DIY lamps I plastered a few months ago. Right before the pandemic broke out I had purchased two of these oversized lamps for 15$ each. I knew with some plaster, a harp at the proper height and a beautiful new empire lamp shade these lamps would look like some of those whopping 500-900$ ones you often see in designer magazines.

I’m all about beautiful design but at a fraction of the cost. Often I find that when working with a client they want the look- quite frankly they expect it but don’t have the budget for it. So DIYs along the way are a great way to get to indulge in those wants without having to break the budget.

Here’s a before of the lamp base. Not terrible to start off with right?

Your going to want to begin to prep your lamps to limit the clean up.

In retrospect, I should have doubled the amount of scrap paper I taped down onto my counters to minimize clean up. But depending on your lamp size 2-4 sheets would be plenty.

Frog Tape// Plaster Of Paris// Paper Cups// Paint Brush//

It’s best to work with something that already has texture to grip onto, if you choose to use this technique on a lamp that has a glossy finish make sure to scuff the surface so your plaster has a surface it can bond to.

Step 1// Begin by prepping your workspace like so^

Step 2// Mix your plaster with tap water as directed. Your wanting to essentially make pancake batter (but maybe a pinch on the thicker side). I like to use paper cups and work with recyclable materials so clean up is easy.

Step 3// Begin painting on your plaster and work fast. Work with thinner layers and take your time building up texture. The plaster sets quite quick so be prepared to mix in multiple small batches.

Step 4// When working on your second layer make sure your surface isn’t cold to the touch. If it is you’ll know your plaster is still curing.

Step 5// After your last coat, fill a cup with some water and use a clean paint brush to do a wet sand on the final surface. Just brushing water over that final layer before it cures will help smooth out some of those intense brush strokes.

And there you have it friends, swap out your current lamp shade for something like this one to elevate your look.

Friends, these lamps are HUGE. For reference, my sideboard is just shy of 100″ wide. They measure at nearly 2.5′ tall. Pictures really don’t do them justice.

Day and night they really are show stoppers. What do you think? I am all about plaster, empire shades, box pleats and all things Parisienne mixed with traditional English design lately. Can you tell?

I’ve seen a few designers try this trend out by DIY-ing like Jenny. She has a great tutorial by video if your needing a little more context on the brushing technique.

Be sure to check out my Like to know it. Profile to find all these sources and tag me over on Instagram if you try this DIY out!

Have a lovely day friends!


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    July 11, 2020 at 12:23 pm

    Wow I am really impressed!!! You totally transformed these lamps and gave them an expensive look👌🏾

    • Reply
      July 11, 2020 at 10:52 pm

      Yay! Thank you so much Fatim. Exactly what I was going for ☺️. You have a lovely day! ❤️

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