Decorating Our Home For Fall

Every year when the air gets crisp I am so excited to throw on a big sweater, bake some pumpkin and start binge reading what all my favorite bloggers are planning for the season.

Me? Honestly I would like to decorate a little more than I do but I don’t. The reality is, we are newlyweds, we bought our second home less than a year ago and have alot of space to fill. So for now I’m slowly making do with what I have.

I got these pumpkins from my mom, I’m noticing that I’m not really into seasonal decorating in my own home as much as I thought. But I’m loving adding a just a little bit of fall accents.

I love how minimal and easy these pumpkins are.

I also love how they look at the bottom of the stairs. Since that’s one of the first things you see when you walk into our home. I really only decorate my entrance seasonally, and switch out whatever is in my dining tray.

I added some pompass grass into our floor vase and I love how it looks. I added them about a month ago and am happy with how they’ve transitioned perfectly for fall. And these cobs are a classic touch for thanksgiving coming up.

I really only focus on our main level since that’s generally where our entertaining happens. Something I love about our current furniture is that everything has a warm colour palette and it feels a little cozy because of it. Perfect for fall.

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