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Shortly after getting engaged I began searching for the perfect pair of glasses to wear on our wedding day. As someone who has never worn contacts, and really never has had the desire to start I knew I had to find a pair of specs that would be true to my style and allow me to gaze into the eyes of my husband all night.

As I usually do, I began to browse for something visual to represent what I had in mind, I started searching on Pinterest and it didn’t take long for me to find a beautiful pair from Bonlook. I was so happy that they were Canadian made and based and reasonable in cost. And as time has passed I’ve continued to only order from them.

I’ll get into how to order, but for now here’s a look at each frame I bought from my recent order.

These are the Savvy frame in ebony. These are one of three pairs I ordered from them this time around. They are light but have enough weight to them that they don’t feel cheap.

I really love that the frames look really similar to Rayban’s Clubmaster. When Canada was playing against China in the Scotties last season, I fell in love with Clubmasters on women when China’s Skip was wearing them. They were the ones that are similar to these with the gold accents. I knew then that I would wait until Bonlook came out with their version of them.

They are classic, sexy and a little retro. And I love to wear them with a bold lip.

Here are the Subrosa Fauve. I love the daintiness of them and the tortoise and gold accents.

They are incredibly light weight but feel luxe and far from low quality. Regardless of paying $44 CDN. Yes you heard me and single vision lenses are always included.

Bonlook recently had one of their seasonal sales and during that I scored all three pairs at 70% off. Just about all their pairs are $149 CDN at regular price. So I paid less than that for three pairs!

Just like purchasing lenses at your local optometry clinic you’ll have to pay more for blue light filtering and bi-focals. Fortunately they include an anti-scratch and anti-glare coating in their basic single vision lenses which is definitely a must with glasses so I love that at the very least you get those without an additional cost.

And lastly are the Bay II in emeraude. I think these are my favorite. They are beautiful and love the deep jewel tone and how they are shiny and appear luxe. Online they look alot more muted and more olive but in reality they are more of a emerald.

When placing your initial order (in my experience only having the online option at the time) you’ll need to upload a photo of your prescription after seeing your optometrist and a photo of yourself with a financial card of some sort a couple inches in front of your face underneath your eyes. I chose to use a gift card so I wasn’t uploading a photo of any personal information. This helps them measure your pupillary distance. Once approved your information is saved in your file for future orders.

One of the best parts about ordering is that (in my experience) they have always accepted returns free of charge if you aren’t happy with how they look.

This is my fourth order from them and my first time ordering out of a boutique. Winnipeg recently got one at one of our local malls so while being in the city I decided try the experience in person.

If you don’t have a Bonlook boutique near you, or prefer to shop online and are worried about if the frames will suit your face. All you have to do is upload a photo of yourself or use your webcam to get an idea of what the frames look like on you.

And when you place an order you’ll get notifications along the way so your never left hanging on what point your order is at. I love that.

Overall the cost is incredible, the styles are always current with the trends and the entire process is always positive.

If your interested in purchasing from Bonlook visit them here.

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