An Outfit Fit For A Outdoor Wedding

This past weekend Mathieu and I got to celebrate the marriage of two close friends of ours. The wedding was hosted at the brides family acreage and the set-up was stunning. The property had impecable landscaping and while I sat in my seat waiting for the ceremony to begin I realised how much there was to take in.

While waiting for seats to fill up, I took a moment to apreciate the leaves rustling in the wind, the smell of the wet grass under my sandals and the view of the breathtaking ceremony that was about to take place. There were two mature trees creating an arch over some neatly scattered florals, it was the perfect backdrop for the couple to exchange vows infront of.

My husband, being one of the grooms oldest friends had the honor to officiate the ceremony. He was handsome, funny, sweet and captivating. The backdrop really seemed to shine once he got up there… but some may say I’m biased.

Walking to my seat, I passed this gorgeous flower garden. I was in awe by how wild and natural It looked, but also how clean and tidy it was all at the same time. Throughout the night when I felt I needed a few moments of quiet time I loved to go there to appreciate it. I could only imagine the amount of work it takes to maintain such beautiful mounds of flowers.

Here’s me infront of my favourite spot. I’m still swooning over these florals.

This two piece set from Zara felt perfect for the occasion. I purchased it online only about two days ahead. I love their overnight express shipping. It’s such a treat for a Canadian to get.

The sandals I wore were a great buy from the Zara sale recently and the hair pieces are actually from Amazon. I liked not having to spend much on them but still get to indulge in the trend.

I realized later into the night that I forgot to include my handbag in my initial pictures. So I had Mathieu take some more pictures of me so I could include it in my post. The clutch I’m using here is long time favorite. Louenhide is a Australian handbag company I love. If you don’t like to buy real leather they are a great option. The material they used on this bag in particular isn’t real leather but it really mimics it in the way it patinas over time.

This weekend was filled with love and bliss, great company, and a full belly! I’m excited to share more special moments like these with our newlywed friends.

For sources from my look, check them out here.

Hair Clips:
Earrings: (similar)
Glasses: (similar)
Clutch: (came with a handbag) (similar)

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