A Ruggable Review: Machine Washable Rug

About a year ago I was browsing online and came accross a company named Ruggable. They offer a wide range of area rugs but what sets them apart is that they are machine washable. With the whole persian rug trend being popular especially in a kitchen I thought this was the perfect opportunity to try it out.

We were in need of a mat in our kitchen, and I’ve been swooning over some vintage rugs. When I came across Ruggable initially I thought they would be a great addition to a playroom or a nursery. Since we aren’t there yet I checked in to see if they had any runners that would suit our kitchen instead. I love the Persian rugs but didn’t have the budget to splurge on one. When I came across Ruggable I thought it was brilliant concept and given I was thinking of buying a replica Persian rug anyways to accomodate to my budget I figured why not try it out?

It definitely has that look, and even though an authentic would be practically indestructible given their wool and silk thread, I find that since this one is specifically created for messy spaces It’s perfect since I can conveniently give it a deep clean from home.

The runner measures 2’7″ by 7′ which I think is a good size to accomodate most spaces people are trying to implement it in. It comes with a liner which is definitely handy to have and convenient to not have to buy one separately. It velcros to it and has great grip against flooring.

We’ve had ours for six months already and it’s held up great, it’s gotten lots of crumbs and some spills but I find it vacuums well and spot cleans pretty quickly in between washes.

Something I would not suggest would be to vacuum it on a high suction setting. We have a cordless Dyson and even on the medium setting it is way to aggressive on its binding. As you can see in the image below I really did some damage on the threading.

It might be best when vacuuming to avoid the edges at all cost. If I’m worrying you about it I’d suggest to just shake it off outside or give it a good sweep.

Regardless I find it’s not noticeable until your looking for it.

When I wash it I use a Kirkland pod from Costco and customize my cycle, I wash it in warm water, on gentle with a high dirt count. When it’s done washing I let it dry outside for a couple hours and it’s good as new.

All in all, I highly reccomend it. It’s durable, and really gives some life to our kitchen. It’s a practical investment. And really doesn’t cost all that much. Bonus!

Whether it’s a rug for your porch, front entry, bathroom, nursery or playroom the opportunities are endless. I really think it’d be a great addition to really any space. What a great concept!

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