2020: The Year for New and Exciting Endeavors

In December I had told my husband that by the end of 2020 I wanted to start working on my own Interior Design business. The thought of it lit such joy for me. And while I love what I’m currently doing between my current job and my hobby, I crave more.

I’ve reflected deeply on this topic and realised that while I absolutely appreciate my current job and the opportunities it has provided me, the one thing I find that I’m missing is the connections I was once constantly building with my old career. I am a true homebody and love working from home. It has become necessary over time with my condition, but I do miss the aspect of my old positions where I was able to help guide someone. My blog has given me a taste of all of that again, and I love that. I feel that layering my current job with my new business endeavor will help me fill that void. And will work nicely with my blog going forward.

It’s been a dream of mine for awhile and I just wasn’t at a point where I could actually make the leap until now. I’m not in a huge rush to take any risks, I know it’ll take tremendous amounts of work and ultimately the experience I’ll gain over time will be my biggest educator. I am fortunate that I am at this point today.

Quite honestly, I had this thought before knowing what education opportunities I even had. And was prepared to work on my goals without any. But after reaching out to a few Interior Designers and bloggers that I admire I asked them what their education background was. Some of them had mentioned an online Diploma program that they studied. I became so emotional when I found out I could study from home, and through recommendations from people I look up to. I really wasn’t expecting that. We don’t live near our local University, and the unexpected nature of my chronic illness keeps me from being able to commit to that type of program. I am so excited to have the opportunity to begin my studies online.

I loved receiving their feedback in hearing how the program helped them have a better understanding of the technical aspects of the job, like electrical and plumbing and re-working layouts. I’ve found it’s actually quite the norm to not have an education behind you to start your own design business because while there are many important things you’ll need to learn over time it ultimately is based on having that eye for design and having a passion for it. But I feel as though having that background will allow me to professionalize myself a little more, with being able to be part of a licensing body.

While studying I plan to apply what I learn here on The Petite Press. I look forward to gaining new knowledge, professionalism and working with clients in the future. I am so excited for my new endeavors and thankful for the platform I share those with.

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    January 16, 2020 at 11:00 am

    Wow that’s really exciting Sabrina!!! I am so happy for you! It is really amazing that you get to take your courses from the confort of your home. Congratulations et bon courage 😉

    • Reply
      The Petite Press
      January 16, 2020 at 11:12 am

      Merci beaucoup ma belle! You are such a kind person, and fortunate to call you a friend! 🙂

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    Rachel LeGal
    January 16, 2020 at 8:28 pm

    I’m proud of you, you definitely have a good eye for decorating.
    I think you will enjoy this very much!

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