2020 Holiday Gift Guide: Pet Edition

Collar// Donut Toy// Woven Bed// Floor Cushion// Walking Bags// Raised Bowl// Bed// Harness// Bicycle Basket// Leash// Nyla Bone// Treat Toy//

Collar// This collar is unisex, stylish and has such lovely brass details. Overall it’s a great choice for any pup!
Donut Toy// How adorable is this little knitted donut. We are a donut loving household, like many I think this toy would fit right in.
Woven Bed// When I saw this bed I instantly fell in love with it. I love the natural woven frame with it’s sharp black pattern. It’s really in style but timeless all at the same time.
Floor Cushion// So, when shopping for dog & cat bed’s I noticed that the vast majority of attractive beds were at a high ticket price but I wanted to offer something that would blend into a beautiful home design with a low cost. That’s when I instantly thought of these floor cushions. Who says they couldn’t be used for a small pet?
Walking Bags// This poop bag carrier is beautifully made from the same company as the harness I’ve included below. I love how attractive this small business makes all their products.
Raised Bowl// MCM design with handcrafted pottery. This bowl is stunning!
Bed// This beautiful bed is classic and would look beautiful in a modern traditionalists home.
Harness// This harness is absolutely beautiful, it speaks for itself!
Bicycle Basket// I nearly gasped when I found this basket! Perfect for the little pup that can’t keep it’s stamina up for a long walk. It’s adorable!
Leash// A tartan leash to match the modern traditionalist pet bed just above. So very classy!
Nyla Bone// My parents two pups absolutely loved these bones growing up through teething to their adult years. The best part, they never had dental problems and always were told they had the best teeth their vet had ever seen. All due to their love of these bones!
Treat Toy// This chic little toy is the modern version of the Kong. Love it!

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