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2020 Holiday Gift Guide: Designer Edition

Female Torso Bust// Inlay Tray// Decorative Object// Vintage Cushion Cover// Hand Steamer// Poetry Of Place// Golden Light// Mask// Ginger Jar// Decor Beads// Picture Frame// Art Print// Easel// Glasses Chain// Portable Photo Printer// Vintage Pinch Pleat Lamp Shade//

Female Torso Bust// Let me start of by saying I’d never buy one of these without the other- so here is a link to the Male Torso Bust. I have been on the hunt for the perfect set for the last two years and this is it! Sarah Gibson of Room For Tuesday recently launched an online shop and needless to say I was giddy for the launch! I’ve been a long hauler reader and very much look up to Sarah as a designer, blogger and has been an inspirational figure for me for years. Couldn’t be happier to shop her shop!
Inlay Tray// Styling made easy. Half of the job is done for you when you start of with a tray as stunning as this one.
Decorative Object// I very much wanted to add something edgy and ultra modern to this curation because I know so many of you love them! Brass objects like these are great for shelf styling. And because the average Interior lover tends to have one of these (or three, ha!) I figured it was a simple& tasteful gift piece to give someone.
Vintage Cushion Cover// Nicole of Corner Oaks Design is really talented. Her cushions are done so professionally and the textiles she sources always leaves me impressed every launch. I’ve been eyeing this one, it’s perfect isn’t it?
Hand Steamer// Every designer needs a great steamer for install days. This steamer has been on my mind for awhile given how slim and compact it is.
Poetry Of Place// This has to be the most magical Interior & Architecture book I’ve ever seen. It’s been on my wish list for awhile and for whatever reason I haven’t gotten around to ordering one to admire from home.
Golden Light// Another Interior book to swoon over. This would be a great coffee table book to add some interest to the space rather than the standard simple linen cover most come with.
Mask// Of course I had to make an ode to 2020 right?! The perfect mask to wear to meet a client or to just make a statement on those ever so slim grocery runs were making these days.
Ginger Jar// I absolutely adore the crackling in the finish of this ginger jar. It’d sit pretty in virtually any room.
Decor Beads// Every room needs some contrast in it, and this is a great subtle way to do so.
Picture Frame// The thick gilded finish on this frame is perfect. Enough said!
Art Print// While I wouldn’t suggest buying a specific piece of art for someone unless they’ve mentioned a piece or you know them exceptionally well. I think a gift card to a print shop if the perfect solution! I personally love this print and hope to get my hands on it sometime in the future.
Easel// This stand is perfect to go with a coffee table book for that special or like I created here with a beautiful framed picture, piece of original art or print!
Glasses Chain// Some of you may be reading this like I’m crazy, but when I was studying and when I used to work in the dental field I used to use glasses chains all the time. And most of you must know by now I have more glasses than I can count on my two hands. They are hard to come by, but this one is perfect! This is a great find for the quirky glasses wearer in your life.
Portable Photo Printer// I found out about the HP Sproket awhile ago and I think it’s perfect for the designer in your life. You can purchase sticker back film or standard photo paper which would be perfect for printing inspo images for a design board in an office. This little hand size printer connects via WIFI to your cell phone- perfect for those mid scroll stops on IG.
Vintage Pleated Lamp Shade// I’m a little obsessed with burgundy and plum these days. And with the pleated lamp shade surge in style this doesn’t disappoint!

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    December 8, 2020 at 12:35 am

    These are really great ideas!

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      December 8, 2020 at 8:34 am

      Thank you so much friend! Your continued support means a great deal to me ☺️ happy shopping!

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