Front Entryway Update

After a year of living in our home and procrastinating on our entryway we finally took the leap and got started. Half of the work is done and I’m excited to continue to share the process with you.

One of the big reasons we took so long to get started was due to the fact that we couldn’t find any coat hooks we particularly liked. Everything we came accross liking ending up costing double or triple per hook than we had budgeted for. So when we came accross some from Target we knew we could settle on the design we had initially been shopping for to save quite a bit of cash.

Initially I wanted something ornate, cast iron or brass and potentially even vintage. Everything I came accross had a steep price tag or having it shipped into Canada would have just cost a fortune.

Since the hooks we chose are so modern I plan to decorate the front entry a little more cozy and traditional to counter that.

I started by removing 20 or so dry wall anchors from just the front entry alone. They were buried in the wall and had left some obvious texture. Afterwards I painted the walls, trim and doors. I plan to carry the same paint throughout the main floor and eventually throughout the upstairs of our home.

So here it is. Not much to see before but a ton of progress after all that painting is finished!

Next I plan to paint my own wallpaper, hang up those hooks and style the space. Stick around in the next few weeks to see how the space comes together!

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