Friday Night Bowling: An Outfit

Hey friends, Friday night my husband and I went bowling and had dinner with some friends. Surprisingly, I think we might have broken our major heat wave since yet again another weekend has passed where it didn’t hit over 30 degrees out. So I got to wear some sleeves and jeans. Recognize these ones?

I’ve been receiving endless compliments on this top since I first wore it. I recently placed an order with Abercrombie and Fitch and was shocked over the quality and fit of everything. I haven’t shopped with them since my early teen years but recently noticed that their clothing reminds me alot of madewell’s. I’ll definitely be shopping with them again.

I am loving creating my own practical versions of today’s trends. Pairing these mom jeans with a dainty style top is such a fun way to play up the trend without the impractical over sized shoulders and bustiers.

My mum-in-law bought me this necklace a couple years ago and I’ve worn it endlessly. It’s one of those sexy ones that you can tuck into a t-shirt and is long enough to drape down the decolletage quite nice.

Necklace: (similar)
Shoes: (similar)

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