A Casual Cloudy Summer Day

My husband has to work in the city for the afternoon, so I get to tag along and have some me time in between his appointments. Yay!

Today is pretty cloudy, not too warm and a bit breezy so jeans seemed like the perfect pick today.

These jeans are the perfect modern mom jean. I find that rolling the bottom of the legs help make them a bit more flattering on my petite frame.

Aren’t these details stunning? I got this top while on our honeymoon from Zara. We had a day full of rain and humidity and I was running low on tops. So we hid from the rain for a little shopping break.

These sandals are from a recent Zara sale purchase. They are genuine leather and I believe I got them for around twenty dollars. What a steal!

Quick shot before heading out. Hi!

Some days I just don’t have enough time to get all dolled up. So the rule here is, if I made a effort with my makeup it counters all efforts on hair. Am I right?!

Thanks for stopping by!

xo, Sabrina.


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