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    Monday Musings: Fall Baking, Persistent POTS Flare Ups, Quarantine Shopping & More

    Well friends it’s back to school season and even though the school year has begun it isn’t feeling like the yearly fresh start it seems to always feel like. Every September, regardless of the fact we don’t have children of our own heading to school I still get the incentive as if it’s my own kick start to get going on a certain project I’ve been longing to do. I think like everything else this 2020 all rules and routines are off the cuff and nothing goes as followed. From the bottom of my heart I wish all parents, grandparents and most importantly students AND teachers the best of wishes this year. If this pandemic hasn’t proven the value of all the teachers I don’t know what will. You are amazing!

    I have been taking the opportunity to purge out my closet and refresh my wardrobe with more practical pieces for my social distancing wardrobe. All things interiors are my passion so I typically find I don’t prioritize my wardrobe financially in any way since I’d rather spend that money towards some pretty seasonal textiles or a piece of furniture to fill some of these white walls. That’s got to be relatable to some of you friends!

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    Main Bedroom Update

    We have made so much progress since the last bedroom update I shared. Recently we painted out the room in a matte sheen of Alabaster by SW and matched the trim…